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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 26, 2020 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00, in a late night vote, congress moves a step closer what's included to help those
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struggling during the coronavirus outbreak. >> reporter: 2 police officers and 5 health care workers potive for coronavirus in san francisco. why one union chief is saying it could be the tip of the iceberg. >> a california man is charged in the first major criminal case related to the coronavirus. >> not only did i create the cure, but this pill right here is the prevention. >> how the feds say he preyed on people's fear during the outbreak. now at 11:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area, hospitals brace for an influx of coronavirus patients as lawmakers race to provide financial relief. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. tonight a grim milestone in the outbreak. the coronavirus has now been blamed for killing more than 1,000 people here in the u.s. about 2 hours ago, the senate ssed $2 trillion aid bill after it had stalled due to last minute objections many
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struggling under these stay at home orders. here in san francisco, e ci nursing home on lockdown, and it's forcing dozens of police officers to self-quarantine. kpix 5's joe vazquez with the new call to expedite testing for first responders. >> reporter: there is a sense of dread among some city employees tonight, including here at san francisco police department headquarters. the police union chief announced 2 police officers have tested positive for the coronavirus. this as dozens more were potentially exposed by those 2 officers. >> it's here, and it's real. >> reporter: the police union president said the 2 officers who tested positive are sergeants in the special victims unit. they've been sent 15 other offi he calls it the tip of the iceberg. >> i'm sure you've heard what's happening in new york where 200 of their
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officers have tested positive and 3,000 officers have been told to quarantine or self-isolate. >> reporter: he sent a letter to the mayor saying every officer needs to be tested immediately. >> we have a baseline, and if we're going to slow it down and stop the spread, we need to know who's infected right now. >> reporter: meanwhile the health department ordered a quarantine for laguna honda, one of the largest nursing homes in the country run by the san francisco department of public health. no residents can leave campus, no visitors since march 6th, when the first 2 staff members tested positive. now there are 5 positive cases. 4 are nurses, the 5th doesn't work nopats hsted resident positive, but only 15 have been tested out of 780 residents. >> unfortunately the virus is circulating in the community. >> reporter: an infectious disease expert at uc berkeley says nursing
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home residents are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus. in fact, it's a nursing home that's at the center of the outbreak in washington state. he says keeping family away is really tough on the resident. >> it clearly has a toll. i leads to loneliness and potentially depression. so it's difficult to enforce those rules and regulations and limitation, but it's really important. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. a gate agent at the oakland airport has tested positive for covid- 19. officials say the agent last worked sunday in terminal 2 and used the men's restroom at the terminal. he also worked at gates 23, 25, 26, and 27 that day. those gates were closed last night for cleaning and disinfecting. they have now reopened. santa clara county has been the epicenter of the virus here in the bay area. now some new numbers today show the county's largest single day increase in infections
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reported. but one doctor tells our maria medina those numbers aren't what we should be focused on. >> reporter: in one day, santa clara county reported 84 new covid-19 cases, bringing the total to 459. while that may seem alarming to some, one doctor says the number we should focus on is hospitalizations. >> it shouldn't be a cause for alarm. >> reporter: the increase overnight of positive cases in santa clara county. >> that's simply a function of who's going out and able to get a test. >> reporter: was to be expected as testing ramps up according to dr. and stanford university professor steven goodman. >> the number we really need to be focused on is the number who are seriously ill enough to be hospitalized. that's what we should focus like a laser on, and that number went up about 10 percent between yesta clara,
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thhoalizatio stood at 137 tonight. last night the total was 125. >> that's not the major increase that places like new york or italy or china saw at the peak of their epidemic, so that shows that things are not actually increasing that fast. >> reporter: in fact, he says santa clara county appears to be leading the way in reporting hospitalizations. not every county is doing that. he says it's the burden on the health care system. >> because it's the health care system and providers whose workload and exposure we have to be worried about. >> reporter: and state told kpix 5 today that it's actually working on publishing hospitalization rates. meanwhile dr. goodman says again, while looks like there's a surge in infections, it's actually a surge in testing.
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maria medina, kpix 5. >> santa clara county also reported 1 new death bringing the total to 17. meanwhile, the outbreak has prompted several major banks to allow california homeowners to defer their mortgage payments temporarily. >> and i'm very pleased that wells fargo, u.s. bank, city and jp morgan chase have all agreed to 90-day waivers of payment for those impacted by covid-19. >> officials say you should still contact your lender immediately experie financial hardship. don't wait until you've already missed a payment. it can't come soon enough for many in california. governor newsom says that more than 1 million people have applied for state unemployment benefits this week alone because of lay offs and reduced hours. after days of negotiation and flaring tempers, the senate has approved a $2 trillion
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economic stimulus package to help workers and businesses in pacted by the coronavirus. reporter natalie brand is at the white house with more on the late night vote. >> reporter: congress is one step closer to sending financial relief to american families and businesses hit hard by the coronavirus. the senate has approved a $2 trillion relief package this evening. >> we're going to pass this bipartisan relief package, send it over to the house so they can put it on the president's desk. let's continue to pray for one another, for all of our families, and for our country. >> help is on the way. this country that this senate that this government is here for them in a time of dire need. >> reporter: the bill includes a cash payment of $1,200 for most working americans and 500 for children. >> $300 billion in di will bea
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american citizen earning less than $99,000 a year. that would be $3,400 very quickly for the typical family of 4. >> reporter: it also expands unemployment insurance for an additional 13 weeks and boosts the benefits $600 for up to 4 months. it contains nearly $400 billion in loans and grants to small businesses to keep workers on the payroll, but another 5 billion for industries like the airlines and nation's health care providers. the legislation now goes to the house where leaders say it will be at least 24 hours before they take it up. the president says it's ready to sign t stimulus package as soon as possible. the president is also stepping up his calls to get americans quack to work. >> my easter we'll have a recommendation, and i'm not going to do anything hastily, but the country wants to get back to work.
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>> reporter: natalie brand, the white house. parents saw this coming. 9 bay area counties today announcing they're extending school closures until at least may 1st. andrea nakano talked to some parents getting ready to home school for the long haul. >> reporter: i talked with mary jane burke, the superintendent in marin county. originally the plan was to open school right after spring break, but after a conference call with public health departments in the bay area, the recommendation was to keep school closed at least until may 1st. >> i have 3 different kids with different ages and abilities, and i'm supposed to teach them 3 different things, and that's a lot on my plate. >> rtcha pepper 1st grader just finished up day 6 of distance learning. the school does a combination of live and taped classes, and parents say their kids look forward to connecting with
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their teachers and class mates every day. >> she has the ability to do the video connection with her classmates, and i think my daughter ava is having a lot harder time because it's such a different experience. >> reporter: while the zoom classes have helped, many parents say they've had to lower expectations of what their kids will learn the rest of the year. >> my computer is next to my son's, and i'm trying to keep up with my work, but also make sure he's getting his assignments done. >> reporter: but they feel that keeping the kids at home is an opportunity to fight the pandemic. >> we have the opportunity to really change the course of how the virus is going to hit our communities, and i really think this is the right thing. >> reporter: the superintendent tells me they hold conference calls every week, and if there's significant progress in getting the cases of covid-19 under control, they
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may revisit the issue, but for now schools will remain closed until at least may 1st. andrea nakano, kpix 5. tonight, the first major criminal case involving the coronavirus. how a california man allegedly tried to exploit the outbreak for his personal benefit. >> another bay area transit agency cutting back service. the changes forced by a dramatic drop in ridership. >> a new indication tonight that california's stay at home orders are making an impact. >> the bay area is doing the right thing, it absolutely should continue doing this thing. >> we'll show you how the numbers back that up. staying home will slow the spread of covid-19 and, doubt, save lives.a critical things like food, pharmacies, laundromats and more remain available. those who workm jo programs like paid sick leave, unemployment,
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and others will also still continue. if you do leave home, keep six feet between you and others. we are a learn more at
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preying on fears in the middle of a national crisis, what kind of a person does this? federal investigators say a southern california man who claimed that he cured coronavirus. reporter stacey butler on the first major criminal case involving the virus in the u.s. >> this is the cure right here going into mass production. this is going to save and change the world. >> reporter: accused of posting fraudulent videos on social media claiming he personally developed a covid-19 prevention and cure. >> not only did i create the cure, but this pill right here is the prevention.
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>> reporter: federal investigators say 53-year-old keith middlebrook promised investors massive profits and also claimed magic johnson was on his board of directors. the feds say that's a lie. >> a patient in an la hospital who i injected this with that was tested positive for the coronavirus, 48 hours and 3 hours later, meaning 51 hours total, the person got up and walked out of the hospital. >> reporter: tonight in a face time call, the u.s. attorney nick hannah told me that middlebrook is a cruel scam artist that used fear of the pandemic to profit. >> i think it's despicable. this is a time that americans are supposed to come together and help each other, and unfortunately there's a few people out there that look at this as an opportunity to lie, cheat, and steal and take advantage of their neighbors. >> reporter: after the posts were viewed 63times, e u. attorney says the fbi arrested him today at this
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range rover during a meeting with an undercover federal agent posing as an investor. he delivered pills promising to cure the infection and promised a $30 million return. he now faces felony attempted wire fraud with a penalty up to 20 years in prison. >> i can tell you from a federal law enforcement perspective, this is a very high priority, we're out in force, and we'll be very aggressive going after people. >> that was stacey butler reporting. meanwhile here in the u.s., new york remains the biggest area of concern. the state now has more than 30,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. most in just the last 2 weeks. take a look at just how quickly that number has climbed. as march began, california had slightly more cases than new york, but then look at the dramatic split as cases surged
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in new york with a much more modest increase here in california. now experts say it's partially due to the greater testing capability in new york, but it's also a sign that california's stay at home order, along with other preventative measures, have helped slow the spread. meanwhile in china, parts of the great wall and other renowned tourist attractions are slowly reopening. the coronavirus outbreak is stabilizing in the country. the ancient city and a mountain in northern china reopened today. tourists entering the areas will have to wear masks and still maintain distance from each other. another airline is cutting its flight schedule amid the pandemic. alaska airlines says it's suspending 70 percent of its flights for at least the next 2 months. the airline reports passenger demand is about 85 percent below normal levels. bart is getting a chunk of
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the $2 trillion stimulus package. bart's general manager calls the $25 billion a critical lifeline fund. the money will help them shore up losses in fare and revenue. bart says ridership has fallen nearly 90% during the stay at home order. meanwhile, the vta is reducing service. starting next week it's cutting light rail to service to 2 car trains running every 30 minutes. it will stop service at 9:00 p.m. we had some heavy downpours in the north bay earlier today. some very heavy rainfall over sonoma county and napa county. that faded off the radar once the sun went down. now we're just tracking a coupleof showers running parallel to the coast. otherwise largely dry and turning a bit chilly. let's switch over to the future radar and talk more about the cold temperatures in just a second. herwise we have to wait until
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thursday afternoon for a chance of a few pop up showers. best chance during the afternoon once the atmosphere warms up a little bit. developing over the higher terrain, and then they just drift around. it's only 20 to 30% chance in most spots. right now temperatures dropping off. beautiful view of downtown from treasure island. low to mid-40s inland, upper 40s near the bay, and upper 30s already in santa rosa. and you drop to around freezing by early tomorrow morning. just barely above it in napa, and that's why there's a frost advisory for inland locations in marin county, napa county, and lake county has frost is likely overnight the farther north you go. temperatures bounce back at least a little bit tomorrow. maybe a degree or 2 warmer than today. still substantially below average for this time of year with highs in the
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upper 50s and low 60s. coolest around the bay and toward the coast. a warming trend continues throughout the rest of the week. dry weather in store for us on friday. get the outdoor stuff down that day because we'll be tracking another good rain chance, much needed rainfall, heading our way on saturday. we wake up to some scattered showers. it's hit or miss activity and not all that heavy, but it is going to be out there on saturday. off and on rain showers, and looks like some of that is even going to linger into the second half of the weekend, but temperatures will still warm up. in fact we're even going to get into the 70s in inland locations by early next week. mid-70s by tuesday and wednesday, and areas near the bay in the 50s and 60s. we'll keep you updated on that throughout the rest of the week and into the weekend. pidue to the coronavirus. how a customer at a florida diner is making things a whole lot easier for the entire staff.
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a restaurant received an unexpected gift. >> and it could not have come at a better time. this diner in florida got a 10, $10,000 tip for the entire staff to share. a diner handed each employee $5,000. it came from a regular customer at the restaurant who wanted to, well, give back. >> people come ins, and they become family. we know where they're from and how many kids they have, and we know what's going on in their lives, and they become a part of our team and restaurant. >> that's amazing. the owner says he knows the man that left the tip, his wishes to remain anonymous. i'm dennis o'donnell. could the coronavirus keep the raiders' stadium from being done on
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time? and why my wife and i
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well the nfl season is still 6 months away, but covid-19 could have a big impact on the raiders billion dollar stadium in las vegas. a worker on the stadium tested positive for covid-19, but that will not halt construction because the worker was not on
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site in over a week. at the time $1.4 billion stadium is expected to be ready later this summer. meanwhile, the raiders inked quarterback marcus mariota to a 2 year deal worth up to 18 million. a lot of money for a back up. for now there is no quarterback controversy. >> first and foremost this is derek team, and i understand that. i understand that going in. when it comes down to it, a strong, stable supportive quarterback room makes that job a lot easier, and i'll do my best to support derek in every possible way that i can. >> now obviously gyms are closed while we're in shelter in place, but in the words of the great bill bellichek. >> no days off! no days off! >> yeah, our very own jackie ward making space in her living room for
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their push up challenge. and then we have kiet do turning his garage into a weight room to get in his daily reps. look at that incredible hulk! share your homework out videos with us on social media using the hashtag kpix. now you've heard of the one that got away. watch what happened to my wife and i before my 6:00 sports cast while we were trying to catch a fish. >> just keep it straight! don't let it get behind the boat! >> you handle yourself, i'll handled the fish! >> oh, oh, he's a nice fish! >> i lost the fish! >> the fish got off and i lost the scripts! >> it was a disaster! unfortunately, the fish got away, not my
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wife. ken, elizabeth, back to you. >> thank goodness! [ laughter ] >> i like that! you he show, you worry about the fish. >> she's a smart woman, dennis. you bumped the fish with that net, i saw it! you knocked it off the hook! >> we
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